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Welcome to TMR Fitzsimons Trademarks. As trademark specialists based in Ireland, we’ll work with you to ensure your brand is protected and that you get the best advice and make the right decisions to manage your trademarks and intellectual property assets. This is one headache we can take off your hands and with our experience in Irish, UK, European and global trademark protection, you’re assured of a straight-talking, commonsense approach. We’ll help you protect your brand and build your business with practical trademark advice and services at a price that makes commercial sense.

Have you come up with a new name, designed a new logo, launched a new product, or do you simply want to protect your existing trademarks properly?

No matter what your industry or size, for a fixed fee trademark search and application service for Irish, UK and Community Trademarks, our ‘ALL IN ONE’ package cannot be beaten for insight and value. It includes a comprehensive clearance search and opinion letter as well as expert assistance throughout the application process.

Why take a chance with the value of your business?

We are Irish and European Trademark and Desigh Right Attorneys. Hiring specialist trademark agents, TMR Fitzsimons, means you take no unnecessary chances with your trademark protection. Dealing one-to-one with a trademark agent, gives you experienced, expert trademark advice at your fingertips. And as solicitors, we can seamlessly protect your legal position in trademark disputes and deals too. You can start your simple steps to trademark success right now by calling +353 (0)41 9843534 to speak to your trademark advisor.


Simple steps to trademark success…

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Trademark Searches

We carry out trademark clearance searches on your name or logo so you can avoid disputes and prepare to deal with identified risks.
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Trademark Registration

We manage your Irish, UK, EU and international trademark applications, with a fixed fee service, while you focus on your business.
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Trademark Enforcement

Protect your trademark rights with our trademark watch and enforcement services for oppositions, cease & desist letters, injunctions + more.
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Trademark Transactions

We help you to use registered trademarks to boost your business through investment, licensing, franchising + more.
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Trademark Registration - The Benefits

  • 1. Brand PROTECTION +

    The two crucial aspects of any brand are what people think about your business and recognition, how easy is it for them to link that reputation with your goods or services. Having invested time, money and effort to build your brand, it makes sense to protect it. Registered trademarks help manage how competitors, business partners and customers treat your brand. Read More +
  • 2. BUILD Brand Value +

    The real value in a business is created when a great reputation is married to easily recognised goods or services. That creates goodwill and it adds value to a business over and above bare financial figures. Goodwill can represent more than half the value of a business. Trademarks help build brands and brand recognition to boost goodwill. Read More +

    Grow your business using registered IP rights to license and franchise your goods and services and to secure investment and funding. Licensing can speed your launch in new markets. In commercial license agreements, lay down the rules for how your partners use your brand to prevent abuse and promote consistency for your brand in different markets. Read More +


  • I really appreciate the advice and help you’ve given to me and the business.
    Sean McEnroe, Coffee Perfection Ltd
  • Thank you so much for everything.
    Della Dooley
  • Michael thanks for explaining the issues in such a straightforward way. Thanks to your sound advice we’ve solved the problem quickly, when it could have taken up a lot of our time and resources.
    Clare Pilkington
  • Thank you so much Michael for all your help and for all the time and effort you put into my dispute. I really, really appreciate it.
    Gerardine O’Brien